Installing Dockge

I think we first need to start with, what is Dockge?

Dockge is a Web GUI interface for your docker compose containers. This can be used to manage your containers, and start new containers; to include Docker Stacks (Compose). I used it to replace Portainer

Lets get started! This will be installed on Ubuntu 22.04.X Headless.

The first step is to install docker. Please see my guide on how to install here.

Now we need to update the permissions of the /opt folder. We need to grant your user permissions to the folder because this is where all files/folders will be stored for docker. Make sure to change the username to your specific username for your server.

sudo chown -R username:username /opt

Next we will need to make the directories in the /opt folder and move into the newly created directory.

mkdir -p /opt/stacks /opt/dockge
cd /opt/dockge

Now lets download the compose.yaml. This will download the Compose file from the main github site and allow you to easily start Dockge.

curl --output compose.yaml

Now lets bring up Dockge.

docker compose up -d

Now you just need to go to http://ipaddress:5001

Need to know about Dockge? Head over to the Dockge GitHub!

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