Building Xen Orchestra from Sources

In this tutorial, ill show you how to build Xen Orchestra from Sources


  1. You will need a server running XCP-NG
  2. You will need to create a Virtual Machine. I used Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 and named it XOA.

Building from Sources

The first thing you will need to do, is login to the XCP-NG Server via SSH and become Root

sudo -i

Now we are going to clone the Xen Orchestra Installer repository

git clone

Go ahead and change directory into the Installer folder

cd XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater

Now we will need to make the xo-install configuration file. I left all of the configurations default since I did not set this up with certificates.

cp sample.xo-install.cfg xo-install.cfg

Now we can install it. This will take a while.


Once the install is done, you can access the XOA instance by going to the VM's IP address using Port 80 (HTTP). The default username/password

user: [email protected]
pass: admin

Updating Xen Orchestra

sudo ./

Use Option 2

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